Karagöz Everywhere strives to reach to more audiences of different age groups at different locations such as cultural organizations, mosques, educational institutions, museums, hospitals, festivals, conferences, municipalities. Karagöz Everywhere drives its motivation and inspiration from very welcoming and appreciative crowds in the United States who are grateful to meet with Karagöz and witness an indispensable aspect of Turkish history and tradition.

“Karagöz Everywhere” is our goal. Let’s make that happen together…

Past Events

Image Event Event Time Location
Karagöz at East River Iftar and Spaghetti Garden Party Jun-15-2017 - Thu - 12:00 am Brooklyn, NY
Karagöz at National Puppetry Conference Jun-13-2017 - Tue - 12:00 am Connecticut
Karagöz at Mimar Sinan Mosque Jun-09-2017 - Fri - 12:00 am New York
Karagöz at Mimar Sinan Mosque Nov-25-2016 - Fri - 12:00 am Queens, NY
Karagöz at Children’s Museum of Manhattan Apr-30-2016 - Sat - 12:00 am New York